Bless You Who Trust In The Lord,         June 3, 2012

   We are living in troubled times. By what we see on television or radio concerning our economy it really does look like bad times are ahead for the United States of America. For the moment, we are all right. But there are other things that also can effect us. Things like tornados, hurricanes, flooding, fires, riots, thieves and robbers, or different kinds of political chaos. Should we be prepared for the proverbial “rainy day”. Yes, of course we should. Look what the Bible says about preparing: “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.”(Proverbs 5:6-8). By instinct, the ant knows that winter is coming when there will be no food available so he prepares. He’s prudent. Here’s another good one: A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished”(Proverbs 22:3). Most all of us have different kinds of insurance. We have home owners insurance; car insurance; life insurance; healthcare insurance, etc. We have insurance because we know that things can happen. Christians are not exempt from having bad things happen to us. So, we each, in our own way, prepare for the unforeseen, the unexpected. Everywhere throughout the Bible there are warnings of coming events. Those that heard the warnings and heeded them were saved. Noah and his sons for example. Those that didn’t prepare perished. All around us the warning signs are flashing “Trouble ahead! Take heed! Prepare yourself!” And yes, we should be taking notice of what is going on around us, but not in fear but in wisdom realizing that the warnings are for our benefit...if we heed them and prepare ourselves. The very first thing, above and beyond all other things is, are we right with God. Is Jesus our Lord, Savior, God, and King? If not then NOW IS THE TIME TO GET SAVED!!! In this regard it is either “Get right or get left!”None know exactly when the Lord’s return will be. Is it today, this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month? We don’t know. So, now is the day of salvation. Secondly, looking at the economic times going on in our nation I would urge each and every one of you to start putting up food, necessary supplies, necessary medicines. I’m not a “dooms day-er” but I want to be both prudent and responsible. I absolutely know that whatever happens that our God will take care of us. But I also know that He expects us to use the wisdom and guidance that He has gifted each person with to heed both the warnings of scripture and the warnings we see around us. If a nuclear bomb lands on our heads we don’t have to worry about a thing but will simply being saying “Hello Lord Jesus!” Thirdly, we need to be steadfast in our prayers. There are family loved ones, friends, neighbors, relatives, associates, school mates, many who do not know Jesus. Pray for them to get saved. Be a “prepared, prudent, and wise person. It will pay off in personal, physical, and eternal ways. Consider all these things. Be wise! God bless you. We love you. I love you. Pastor Lyle, Sister Jean, and your BJWC Church Leadership